Follow the leader

At the end of each term we have a week where we do fun things with the kids from After School. On one of the days we had planned several games to play with the kids. We divided the group up into smaller groups and appointed one of the older ones as team leaders. Tumi, one of
the boys from grade 4, was appointed to be the team leader of his group. He had a group with a couple of the younger kids who don’t always understand English and who didn’t always understand what they had to do.

At one of the games there was no teacher that could speak home language so there was a little problem. But Tumi stepped up and started to translate everything the teacher was saying and even explaining a bit extra so that the little ones understood what they had to do.

For us as teachers it was such an encouragement to see how he was leading his team and that he took his job very serious. And that he was so caring for the little ones. We are really proud when we see our kids grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally and physically. And on
this occasion Tumi showed that he grew socially, which made this a highlight from the fun week for us as teachers.

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