Business training


One of the major highlights this year in our boys discipleship group was the business training. It was a five week course run by trainer Ian of Epic solutions. In our community we have many budding young entrepreneurs fueled by extremely high unemployment rates in our country the youth and especially young men are turning to business to escape poverty. Over fives weeks, we saw around 25 young men attend the training with medium size group already running small business from their homes. All of the guys have shown much interest and have seeked further assistance in learning to properly establish and run a business. We are now in the follow up stage of the business training process and will continue to engage the eager young entrepreneurs. “The past six months felt long and very quiet”, shared Lea (Netherlands). “It was six months of waiting and praying. Of trusting God. Six months without children laughter at our Centre. But finally, in September we were able to open the doors of the Meetse a Bophelo Centre again. It was such an exciting moment for me to finally welcome the kids back again!”


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