The wait is Over!


“The past six months felt long and very quiet”, shared Lea* (Netherlands). “It was six months of waiting and praying. Of trusting God. Six months without children laughter at our centre. But finally, in September we were able to open the doors of the Meetse a Bophelo Centre again. It was such an exciting moment for me to finally welcome the kids back again!”

“Everything looks a bit different at the moment. We wear masks and the queueing up for washing hands is much more in order. But I still enjoy it a lot. The class I teach now is much smaller than before lockdown, which gives me the amazing opportunity to be more intentional with the kids I teach. I also have the opportunity to teach the younger grades two afternoons a week and the other two afternoons the older ones. It’s a challenge but it’s exciting to learn more and get to know different kids better. Also, the kids get the opportunity to be taught by a different teacher and ask as many questions they want.”

“Thinking about these past months I am very thankful that God used this pandemic to shape me and the ministry. I am thankful for the opportunity I have at the moment to be more intentional with the kids and to have really time to sit with them and listen to them individually.”

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