Looking back at the time I have spent at AIDS Hope, I can see growth. Growth in myself and in the kids that I was teaching,” shared Naomi (Netherlands).

“When I first joined Meetse, I was teaching Grade R and 1 and there was a small boy, Koketso*, who was very insecure. When he thought he couldn’t do something, he would sit on the ground and cry. It was almost impossible to get him out of that state of mind, encourage him and have him believe that he can do it. It was difficult for me to see that such a young boy simply doesn’t believe that he can do anything!”

Little by little I saw him making small steps. His confidence grew and he started to try new things. It was a huge accomplishment when he started recognizing letters, saying them and read easy words.

Currently I am teaching a different class but I can still see how his confidence is growing. It is wonderful to see to actually see him smiling almost always! At the end of last year, he even got a reward at school! I feel so privileged to have played a small part in his growth. I also know that it is not because of me and helping him with homework, but mainly because of God working and changing Koketso’s heart!

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