When South Africa went into a nationwide lockdown in March, about 25% of the South African population didn’t know how to provide the next meal for their families. With the help from many of you, AIDS Hope has been able to distribute 650 food parcels up to date.
The schools also closed their gates in March and many children have been without a structure and without education for the past 4 months. As most of the children from our after school program don’t have access to online learning, the team developed a workbook that the children receive every week during the food distribution.
A few weeks ago, we started visiting some of the children in their homes to teach them in their own backyard. It is our desire that the children don’t fall behind in their schoolwork even more.


Currently, the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in South Africa is rising rapidly and the peak is expected in the next few weeks. AIDS Hope is continuing with the weekly food distribution but has decided to put the home visits on hold for now. Despite the challenges we face we have experienced God’s goodness and His faithfulness during this time. As we continue to be salt and light in our community we trust that many more people will put their hope in God and find peace in Him during this time.





Blessed to be a blessing

“When we were told about the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown started in South Africa, we started to worry. We didn’t know what will happen to us in regard of food and basic items, as we had been struggling already before lockdown,” told us Flora,* one of the Grandmothers in our community. “I did not want to bother anyone, but after a few weeks reality hit hard. There was nothing I could put on the table for my grandchildren. I had to swallow my pride and seek for help.”
Flora* and her family live close to the Meetse a Bophelo Centre and her grandson has been attending the discipleship group at our centre regularly. “I did not know where to go at first, but then I remembered that my grandson attends the discipleship group at the Meetse a Bophelo Centre. Though I wasn’t sure whether they could help me I decided to go and knock on their door. I was well received and they even acknowledged to know me. Ever since that time AIDS Hope has been providing food for us and I am so grateful and I thank God for connecting me with the centre. I do not know what would have happened to us otherwise.”


“It is like in the story of Elijah that we read in the booklet you gave us.” shared Nthabiseng* while two of our team members were sitting in her backyard. They had just finished teaching her son and were engaging into a conversation about the fears and worries many people have during this uncertain time. “The oil in the jar of the widow did not run out”, she continued. “Even so, we did not run out of food all these months. Whenever it was getting less and lesser, it was Thursday again and we knew that you would come again and bring another food parcel! Like the widow, we haven’t been lacking anything and I thank God for that!”




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