From Child to teacher


This year, a new teacher joined the Aids Hope team. Although Thabang is new in the role of teacher, he is not new at Meetse. He has been with us since 2009 when he joined the after school program as a child. Looking back at his after school years, Thabang shares that ‘his time at the Meetse a Bophelo centre has always been splendid, enjoyable joyful and experimental.’ He also shared that he ‘had the best time playing soccer with the kids and teachers. He still remembers his first camp and the fun he had there.’


After the after school program, Thabang didn’t disappear. He decided to join our discipleship program. Here he learned more about himself through bible studies and conversations he had with older teenagers. He shared, ‘I never wanted to miss even one Friday of discipleship because of the fun we have there, and the fact that it is only once a week.’ It was here that he learned more about leadership and he even led some of the afternoons. He shares ‘I enjoy investing in the boys and to help them spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally’


Now Thabang joined our teacher team, he shares ‘My time as a teacher so far is enjoyable and amazing. I enjoy being with the kids and helping them out. I can understand them very well, because I’ve been on there place.’


We are thankful to see the growth in him from a child to a teacher. And are very expectant what else he will be able to accomplish. And who knows, maybe more kids will follow in his footsteps.


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