Annual Camp

Each year we have the great opportunity to organise two different camps. One is for the youth from our discipleship program and another one for the children from our afterschool program. Camp means for them a weekend away from their homes and challenges that many of them have to face daily. This annual camp allows us also to invest in the children and youth in a more significant way since we have the entire weekend together. Each year we are amazed what God does in the children’s hearts, whether that’s accepting Christ for the first time or receiving healing for emotional wounds they have experienced earlier in their lives.

Costing: ZAR 84’000.00 ; USD: 5’700.00


In order to ensure that we are still able to continue our work during electricity failures, we would like to replace our old generator with a new 3-phase one.

Costing: ZAR 40’000.00 ; USD 2’700.00

Sound System

For our camps and our daily programme at the centre we need a good sound system in order to be able to interact with the children.

Costing: ZAR 80’000.00 ; USD 5’400.00